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Asian Dengue Voice and Action (ADVA) is a scientific working group dedicated to dengue vaccine advocacy in Asia, with the aim of disseminating information and making recommendations on dengue vaccine introduction strategies in Asia.

ADVA’s Mission:

1) Translate the science of dengue vaccination into clinical insights and recommendations to policy makers, healthcare workers and the general public.
2) Make practical recommendations for the design and implementation of dengue management programs.

An Evolving Mission

At its inception, ADVA, in both its title and focus stood for Asia Dengue Vaccination Advocacy. This has evolved to take on a broader remit in not only representing the Voice of Dengue in Asia, but also committing itself to Action.

This shift of focus to voice and action underpins the evolved definition of ADVA: Asia Dengue Voice and Action.

Asia Dengue Voice and Action

With input from government, public health entities, academia, the clinical community, consumer health organisations and industry bodies, ADVA has taken up the challenge of consulting and developing a regional blueprint for dengue management.

This blueprint will provide a cohesive, central and actionable point of view on dengue management across Asia. The blueprint will formulate a key set of strategic imperatives, with supporting actions.

The challenge of dengue is a collective one. We trust that by collaborating widely with a broad range of stakeholders, this blueprint will be adopted by all stakeholders who will then prioritise the actions that will deliver on the strategic imperatives.

By generating well-informed, focused and co-ordinated actions across the region, we hope to have a significant impact on dengue in Asia.

Decimate Dengue: The Pre-Summit Webinars

28th October 2020:
Randomised Trials of Wolbachia for Dengue Control – A Step Towards Elimination?

28th October 2020:
Randomised Trials of Wolbachia for Dengue Control – A Step Towards Elimination? – Q&A Discussion

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