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Commemorating 2021 ASEAN DENGUE DAY & Advocacy for WORLD DENGUE DAY opening session

All Co-convenors and Supporting Institutions


ISNTD: Dr Kamran  (10mins)

ADVA: TBC  (10mins)

Title: Fighting dengue is a never ending story

1.Multi-sector partnership approach in dengue cases reduction 

Mr Budi Gunadi Sadikin 

Minister of Health (Indonesia)


1pm – 2:30pm

Title:  Dengue Situation In Indonesia Supporting Institution – Indonesian Paediatric Society

Moderator: Dr Maria Rosario Capeding


Opening Speech by Dr Aman Pulungan.

Executive Director of the IPA and President of the APPA & IPS

The Indonesia Pediatric Society – Commitment in Combating Dengue

2.Beyond COVID-19: Dengue situation in Indonesia 

Dr Maxi Rondonuwu

Head of Directorate General of Preventation and Control Diseases, Indonesia MOH

  1. AFIRE Study in Indonesia: an observational cohort to assess dengue cases

Dr Made Susila Utama

Internist from Udayana University and PI of Indonesia AFIRE study

  1. Successful of “Tunggal Dara” dengue control programme 

Mr Hendrar Prihadi

Mayor of Semarang City

Time: 1pm SGT on Monday

Symposium Title: Dengue Therapeutics – 

Moderator: Prof Ooi Eng Eong

NITD-688, a pan-serotype inhibitor against dengue NS4B

Dr Gu Feng  

& Dr Stephanie Moquin 

Repurposing Ivermectin

Dr Panisadee 


Takeda Symposium

Moderators: Professor Usa Thisyakorn & Professor Tikki Pangestu

  1. Advanced Science: COVID-19 and dengue immunization

Professor Emeritus Sutee Yoksan (Mahidol University Thailand)

  1. Immunogenicity of Dengue Infection

Professor Lisa Ng (A*STAR Singapore Immunology Network Singapore)

  1. TAK-003 Immunogenicity: early-phase studies

Dr Vianney Tricou (Takeda Clinical Development)

  1. TAK-003 Efficacy and Safety: phase 3 clinical study

Dr Walid Kandeil (Takeda Medical Affairs)

  1. Vaccine Hesitancy

Professor Tikki Pangestu (NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine Singapore)

  1. Discussion

3:00pm- 4:30pm

Sanofi Symposium Title: Immunization against Dengue: Targeting with Confidence

Moderator: Prof Tikki Pangestu (NUS Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine Singapore)

Panellist: Dr Stephanice Meyer (Dengue Global Medical Expert, Sanofi Pasteur)

Dengue Vaccination: where are we now?

Dr Leong Hoe Nam

How to know your status of prior dengue infection and why it matters?

Professor Terapong Tantawichine

How to implement pre-vaccination screening in your practice?Thai Perspectives

Assoc.Professor Thanyawee Puthanakit


Chulalongkorn University Tropical Medicine Cluster Symposium: Dengue in the midst of COVID19 Pandemic

Moderator: Prof Usa Thisyakorn
Speakers & topics:

  1. Dengue in the midst of COVID-19 Pandemic – 

Professor Terapong Tantawichien

  1. Dengue Virus Transmission during COVID-19 Pandemic – 

Dr.Stefan Fernandez

  1. Epidemiology of Dengue during COVID-19 Pandemic 

Dr Jurai Wongsawat

  1. Dengue and COVID-19: Double Trouble

Dr. Nattachai Srisawat

  1. Breakthrough Approach on Dengue Vaccination amid COVID-19 Pandemic 

Professor Sutee Yoksan



5:00pm – 6:30pm 

Moderator: Dr Kamran Rafiq

Dr Kevin Maringer

Dr Neelika Gathsaurie Malavige

Symposium Title: Indonesian Paediatric Society – Symposium 2
Title: From dengue research to clinical implementation

Moderator: Prof. Adi Utarini

  1. Distinct Dengue Epidemiology and Viral Characteristics in Western, Central and Eastern regions of Indonesia

Dr Tedjo Sasmono

Senior Research Fellow & Dengue Unit Head of the Eijkman Institute

  1. Fluid and monitoring: the primary modality of dengue case management

Dr Ida Safitri Laksono

Pediatrician from Gajah Mada University and Peer Reviewer WHO Dengue guideline 2009

  1. Markers of Dengue-Related severity and mortality

Dr Anggraini Alam

Pediatrician from Padjadjaran University and Head of Infection & Tropical Disease of the IPS


Symposium: London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine Resilience Against Future Threats (RAFT) project in Conjunction with Malaria Consortium:


Moderator: Leo Braack

Aedes Dengue Vector Species in SouthEast Asia; Are there others than Ae. aegypti and Ae. albopictus?.

Dr Ronald Enrique Morales Vargas

The Global Vector Hub as an important repository and tool for hosting and sharing dengue vector data.

Dr Frederik Seelig

Getting the measure of adult Aedes age, an important parameter in dengue epidemiology.

Dr Jo Lines



Symposium Title: Vector Control and Community Engagement

Moderator: Dr Kamran Rafiq

  1. Building an integrated dengue surveillance system in Ethiopia

Dr Ryan Tokarz

  1. Vector Control activities tracking App in Pakistan

Assoc.Professor Somia Iqtadar

  1. Intervention for Dengue Epidemiology in Malaysia: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial Dr. Mitra Saadatian-Elahi

Dengue Expert Advisory Group Pakistan

Moderator: Dr Somia Iqtadar

  1. Dengue Expansion, environmental concerns and the real vector: a permanent health burden in urban to rural setting Punjab, Pakistan

Professor Waseem Akram

  1. Innovative Solutions for Dengue Surveillance and Control, Pakistan Experience

Capt(Retired) Muhammad Usman

  1. Outcome of Standardized Case Management of Dengue; An Evidence Based Success Story from Pakistan

Assoc.Professor Somia Iqtadar

  1. Strategic approaches for Effective Community Engagement and Intersectoral coordination

Dr Jamshed Ahmed

Symposium Title: 

Cross sector collaboration for World Dengue Day – Future Facing

Moderator: Dr Kamran Rafiq 

  1. National strategy in shaping grassroots engagement in Sri Lanka

Dr Hasitha Tissera

  1. Advocacy in engaging youth communities SADC-16 youth parliaments

Mr Maximillian Godwin Kilipamwambu

  1. UNICEF Updates

Mr Misheck Gondo

  1. Vaccine producers update on their community engagement

Mr Jean-Antoine Zinsou

Mr Derek Wallace

Ms Anabelle Monnet

Ms Rachel Wiese

  1. Discussion

9:00pm – 10:30pm

ISNTD Symposium Title:

Vector Control – Threat and Solutions

Moderator: Dr Kamran Rafiq

  1. Aedes Vector Control Toolkit

Dr Richard Allan

  1. Global Vector Hub by WHO-TDR

Dr Frederik Seelig

  1. Outbreak Prediction with satellite deployment

Dr Rachel Lowe

  1. Satellites system surveillance in Peru


Philippines Symposium

Title : ASEAN to World Dengue : Past, Present and Future Interventions 

Moderators: Professor Emeritus Lulu C Bravo, MD & Dr Kamran Rafiq

  1. ASEAN Dengue:  Lessons Learned

Dr Beverly Lorraine C.Ho  

Concurrent Director IV, Health Promtion Bureau and Disease Prevention and Control Bureau

  1. Dengue in the Midst of COVID19 Pandemic

Professor Cecilia Maramba – Lazarte

Director of the Institute of Herbal Medicine, National Institutes of Health, University of the Philippines Manila

  1. Global march towards ending the neglect for Dengue

Dr Hasitha Tissera

Panel Discussion

Objectives : 

1. Describe the experiences of ASEAN countries in combatting dengue

2. Explain the impact that COVID 19 has on the incidence severity and control of Dengue

3. Enumerate and illustrate what interventions could lead to reduction in mortality and morbidity of dengue