Asian Dengue Vaccination Advocacy Symposium at the 8th Asian Congress of Paediatric Infectious Diseases 2016

Event Date : 9th November 2016
Event Venue: Meeting Room 2,Queen Sirikit Convention Centre,Bangkok, Thailand
Symposium Title: From Dengue Vaccine to Dengue Vaccination
Time : 13.30 – 15.00
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Asian Strategic Alliance for Pneumococcal Disease Prevention Symposium at the 8th Asian Congress of Paediatric Infectious Diseases 2016

Event Date : 10th November 2016
Event Venue:
Meeting Room 3,Queen Sirikit Convention Centre,Bangkok, Thailand
Symposium Title: Pneumococcal Vaccine 15 years on
Time : 10.30 – 12.00
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4th ADVA Steering Committee Meeting

The ADVA Steering Committee meeting followed the 3rd ADVA workshop that was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand on 7-9 January 2015. The objective of this meeting was to discuss the ADVA draft recommendations and discuss the publication of the short communication – “Dengue vaccine: addressing barriers for introduction and implementation” (written from the 2nd ADVA workshop), in The Lancet. This paper is now published and can be cited as – Dengue vaccine – Time to act now. Pang T, Thiam DGY, Tantawichien T, et al. The Lancet. 2015;385(9979):1725-1726.

It describes the efficacy and safety of a dengue vaccine (CYD-TV manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur) in 25 unvaccinated children from five Asian countries who had a symptomatic dengue episode each year. With a 56·5% (95% CI 43·8–66·4) overall efficacy, more than 80% of dengue haemorrhagic fever episodes were avoided, and two-thirds of hospital admissions were reduced.

During the 4th Committee meeting, the attendees also discussed the registration of ADVA as a Society in Hong Kong, reviewed the Draft Constitution and funding strategies for ADVA activities. They also chalked down the future Advocacy activities and the objectives of ADVA for year 2015.


3rd ADVA Regional Workshop

The Steering committee met in Chiang Mai, Thailand on 7-9 January 2015 for the 3rd ADVA workshop. In this workshop, the progress of the group was discussed amongst 30 participants from World Health Organisation, Partnership for Dengue Control, International Vaccine Institute, Dengue Vaccine Initiative, ASEAN Secretariat, Member States MOH and Research and Clinical experts.

During this workshop, recent updates on dengue vaccines development were assessed and potential impact of vaccination in different epidemiological settings were analysed using modelling. The value of mathematical modelling for dengue vaccine introduction was also highlighted.

The main highlight of this meeting was the preparation of draft recommendations on strategies for introduction on dengue vaccination.

Due to the involvement of experts beyond ASEAN and the spread of Dengue, the Steering Committee decided to update the group to Asian Dengue Vaccination Advocacy (ADVA) Group and to register as a formal Society.


2nd ADVA Workshop

The ADVA Steering Committee met in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 4-5 March 2014 for the 2nd ADVA Workshop. The primary objective of the 2nd Workshop was to advance the recommendations of the 1st ADVA workshop. The focus of the 2nd Workshop was to discuss on data sharing in terms of the objectives of and barriers to data sharing, and the best approaches.

The key recommendations put forward during the 2nd Workshop were to:

  • Form a working group for cost estimation and to invite funding for website
  • Prepare essential data list
  • Establish dengue expertise database
  • Overcome the language barrier for dengue-related journal articles
  • Reach out to MOHs and policy makers with data
  • Continue liaison with ASEAN and other national/international policy makers.


1st ADVA Workshop

The ASIAN Dengue Vaccination Advocacy (ADVA) Group met in Bangkok on 21–23 September 2012 for the 1st ADVA Regional Workshop. The objective was to review the current dengue surveillance/diagnostics status in the ASEAN region and to make recommendations to standardise key comparable attributes across this region in preparation for dengue vaccine introduction.

This was the first collaborative meeting on Dengue prevention focused on dengue vaccination in the region. During this meeting, Alain Bouckenooghe of Sanofi Pasteur presented the results of the CYD23 randomised, controlled, monocentre Phase IIb trial on Sanofi Pasteur’s CYD-TV dengue vaccine. The vaccine was found to be safe and effective and was well received at the workshop.

Following this, there were presentations on the burden of the disease, surveillance, status on the uptake of dengue vaccine and methodological challenges of long-term safety follow-up after vaccine introduction across the ASEAN region.

The attendees also framed recommendations in five key areas – case definition and classification, surveillance data collection and analysis, laboratory testing, research, and advocacy. The important themes included –

  • A need for regional harmonisation of definitions
  • Increased and improved data sharing and integration strategies
  • Raised awareness of dengue and the benefits of vaccination.

These recommendations formed the basis of a publication, which is the key advocacy activity for ADVA.